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At Abbey Osteopathic Clinic, Netley, I offer a naturopathic service to help you achieve and maintain great health.
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Naturopathy specialist

Naturopathy, like many disciplines has several different approaches. I was taught several of these. The most common approach is based on a typical orthodox diagnosis, but the treatment is often based on herbs or supplements of some kind. This can be effective but in my experience the positive effect of this approach is only temporary. 

What I find has a more long lasting effect is what used to be called “nature cure.” This is based on a different diagnosis. This different diagnosis, assesses the factors which have led to the medical diagnosis. In medicine, causation appears to be relatively intangible in many instances. But we now know that our bodies want to heal themselves and can if given the right opportunity, my assessment of a case is based on discovering what these factors which are preventing your body from healing itself are.

This type of naturopathy is incorporated into classical osteopathy and they work together. Classical osteopathy provides reorganisation and integration where as diet and lifestyle changes will often have a cleaning effect or provide nutrition that normal physiology requires. This will help reduce the chances of symptoms returning and will help educate the individual about how to maintain improvements in health and look after themselves.

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Maintaining your homeostasis

I see health as being more than the absence of disease and its state, is dependent upon a multitude of factors and is a reflection of a interaction with our environment. Acute disease processes are different from chronic processes, the acute response is usually the body’s attempt to restore health, often through enhanced processes of elimination. Suppression of such healing processes contributes to the potential for chronic breakdown or degeneration. Any obstruction to the bodies ability to maintain homeostasis (homeostasis is the balance of health our bodies attempt to return to) tends to be how disease starts. Health is homeostasis - a dynamic equilibrium. The individual requires suitable foods for nourishment, clean water, fresh air and sunlight, as well as appropriate exercise, rest and relaxation.
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Working together to improve your health 

I work with the body’s own self-correcting mechanisms or efforts to maintain homeostasis and endeavour to address all aspects which obstruct the return to health. This requires co-operation of the patient as well as treatment and the aim is to establish health on a cellular level by improving factors which effect circulation, nutrition, detoxification and elimination.

Ref: The General Council and Register of Naturopaths

Visit the General Council & Register of Naturopaths 

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