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My aim is to make you more comfortable!

Whether you have recently injured yourself playing sport or can’t understand why something is hurting because you haven’t “done anything” or have a work related pain that has either ended in the absence from work because its agony. To an ache that you may feel is not serious, but you would rather be without it, my aim is to get you feeling as well as is possible. Whether your symptoms are recent or new or you have suffered them for many years, I can usually help.


Osteopathy is the science which holds that the relationship that the various parts of the body have with one another, directly or indirectly, determines the state of health in that body.

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Naturopathy is incorporated into classical osteopathy and they work together. Classical osteopathy adjusts

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Acupuncture is a complete system of medicine developed over the last 2000 years by the oriental cultures, which are now known as China and Japan. It involves the insertion

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